Training Sessions
All training sessions are structured for all levels and ages of goalkeepers. We aim to deliver fun, exciting, challenging and interesting sessions that have been designed to improve goalkeeping skills.

We have often found that as direct result from feedback form managers/coaches, who identify key areas needing improvement we can improve their match day performance by targeting these key areas.

Goalkeepers now hold such an important role within the team that individual coaching sessions are essential.

Here a just a few of the many areas which we cover in the development of our goalkeepers.

* Thinking like a goalkeeper * Footwork and Handling * Set Position
* Diving techniques * Ball Distribution * Shot Stopping
* Agility * Core Strength/Fitness * Crosses
* 1 Vs 1's * Blocking * 2nd Saves
* Communication * Instructing Defences * Defending Set Pieces
* Positioning * Diet * Decision Making
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