Core Strength, Stability, Fitness Training
The position of a goalkeeper differs from out field players in as much as there maybe long periods of inactivity interspersed with occasional bursts of high intensity and explosive agility. The goalkeeper must maintain a "State of Readiness" and be able to react for the required duration.

At senior level, training must be of a very high intensity and be explosive. The younger goalkeeper can also find amazing improvement with the specific (age related) core exercises that do not involve weights. The results have incredible effects on performance, concentration, confidence as well as helping avoid injuries.

Key improvements for the goalkeeper will be found in kicking, throwing, agility, balance, strength/power and explosive reactions. Recovery after saving, recovery during the game and also after the game.

Warm up and cool down is always carried out at every session as well as preparing the goalkeeper mentally for the session with ball familiarity and fun and games.

Goalkeeper fitness is worked on throughout the session, at an intensity to suit the age of the individual.

The benefit of core strength training is now embraced by all sports and specific sessions can be tailored whether your sport is football, rugby, cricket, combative sport or any other sport.

Extra individual core strength sessions can be arranged at other times.
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